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About the CBR

If you have considered taking driving lessons you will mostly already have heard about CBR. If you haven’t heard of them or completely understand what they do, let me tell you everything you need to know about CBR.


CBR stands for “Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheid”. In English this is translated to “Central Agency for Driving”. Whereas driving lessons can be taken at individual instructors at driving schools, the CBR manages all the driving exams. They are responsible for controlling the driving capabilities of (future) drivers. Their work is split up into 4 departments; Theory, Driving Capability, Driving Skills and CCV.


The Theory part comes to whether you know all the driving rules and are capable of abiding the law for other’s and your own safety.

With Driving Capability your mental and/or physical condition is judged. If you have a mental illness that would be dangerous in traffic, this would obviously be the part where they do not grant you your driver’s license.


Driving Skills comes down to your actual driving capability. How well can you turn around corners? Can you see in which situations you should driving a little faster or brake completely? These are some of the questions you will be evaluated on.

The CCV manages all the driving exams. If you and your instructor feel like you’re ready for the driving test you can apply for an exam and based on your result you will pass or fail.





The CBR is the organisation that takes your theoretical and practical exam.


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