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Everyone wants to obtain the driving license at their own pace. We give students the opportunity to drive whenever they want, as much as they want. For example, if you want to drive once a week that's possible, or maybe you want to drive 3 times a week, no problem either. The Expat Driving School is there to fulfill your needs and give you the best driving education that is possible nowadays. We always start with an intake lesson, to make a good estimate of how many hours you need to obtain your driver's license.


The Expat Driving School makes it even easier for you to plan your lessons according to your own agenda. Flexibility is our keyword: plan your lessons by yourself online and far in advance.


Passing your practical exam and obtaining your driving license is probably one of the most important and greatest moments of your life so far. Having a driving license means that you're no longer dependant on public transport or other people. In some cases it can even contribute to have a better position on the job market.



The advantages of the Expat Driving School

  1. Plan your own lessons according to your own agenda and pace,
  2. The highest quality in driving courses,
  3. Always the same (English speaking) certified teacher,
  4. A lesson plan especially  designed for you,
  5. Only go for your practical test when you are completely ready,
  6. Fear of failure trainers available, patient and well trained.








Driving Courses


Both Manual and Automatic cars available.

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