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Is your license issued in the Netherlands?



Exhange your driving license

Did you obtain your driver’s license in another country than the Netherlands? You driver's license may be valid within the Netherlands under certain rules & conditions. This depends on where your driver's license is issued. 



A driver in international traffic is someone who drives a vehicle in the Netherlands without being a resident of the country. For example tourists or truck driver's may drive in the Netherlands with an international driving license. 


You can't exchange an international driving license for a Dutch driving license. One of the conditions that applies when exchanging a driving license issued outside the Netherlands is that your driving license must be valid at the time of application.


To exchange a driving license issued outside the EU/EES, the applicant must have been a resident in the country where the driving license is issued for at least 185 days.


If you can't exchange your driving license, you must take the Dutch theory and practical test at the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR).


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