Automatic driving


Driving an automatic car makes it easier to put focus on the road.



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Driving lessons Automatic car


Learning to drive is much easier in an automatic car!

Not everyone thinks it's important to learn how to drive in a manual car. Changing gear can be the biggest obstacle during driving lessons. Paying attention to the traffic and handling the car are the two most important things that you have to do and think about in a car. Their is a posibility that a third liability isn't what you want next to those. Choosing to take driving lessons in an automatic car makes it al easier. Think about the special manoeuvres you have to perform at your practical exam such as parallel parking or the three point turn. Perform them in an automatic car and it al becomes much easier!


If you have a motor dysfunctions the automatic car might be the option

The automatic car is a solution for many people that want to drive but have a motor dysfunction. It is very relaxing to drive in an automatic car when you have such an obstruction.


Driving lessons in an automatic car is also a benefit for people with fear of driving

The experience of fear of driving can be terrible. It's a huge obstacle for people with much capacity. Taking driving lessons in an automatic car and driving in an automatic car after obtaining your driver's license. Driving in an automatic car makes you more relaxed and that strengthens your faith. You experience less stress and obtain your driver's license much faster. Fore more information about fear of driving and the instructors we have for people with fear of driving click here.


Driving in our automatic car also means you drive for a green environment

If you take driving lessons in the automatic car of the Expat Driving School, you also say yes to a green future. Our Honda Insight Hybride is an automatic car which also saves a lot of fuel, you can drive an extra 200km on a full tank. This makes driving a lot cheaper and saves the environment.


The advantages of automatic driving lessons

  1. Special manoeuvres are easier,
  2. Less obstrution for people with motor dysfunctions or fear of driving,
  3. One liability less with no shifting gears,
  4. Less driving lessons are needed,
  5. Environmentally friendly.


The advantages of the Expat Driving School

  1. Plan your own lessons according to your own agenda and pace,
  2. The highest quality in driving courses,
  3. Always the same (English speaking) certified teacher,
  4. A lesson plan especially  designed for you,
  5. Only go for your practical test when you are completely ready,
  6. Fear of failure trainers available, patient and well trained.

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