Manual driving lessons

Driving manual, also referred to as driving stick, is a great way to add value to your driving experience. There are technical benefits to driving manual such as the reduce in cost to buy and maintain compared to an automatic, generally better fuel efficiency, longer life for your brakes and more control over your car in general.

However, there is also a more philosophical part to it. Driving manual is an art. It’s a way you, the driver, and the car unite. This is why you’ll often hear car enthusiasts talk about the excitement and power behind shifting.


Here at driving school DenK we gladly help you with achieving your license for manual driving. We understand how passing your driving license is one of the most important moments of your life and see how just a tiny pink little pass could change your life. Whether it comes down to not being dependent anymore on other people transportation, adding value to yourself on the job market or having the freedom to drive anywhere you like, this license will change your life.

We see this and that is why we give all our customers the freedom of studying at your own pace with a two-hour driving lesson every week. There is also the possibility to plan your lessons far in advance online. Flexibility is the key!


Why would you choose us, the Expat Driving School?

You receive the possibility to plan your own lessons


- Guaranteed high quality driving course


- Being able to follow the entire course with just 1 certified teacher who is highly motivated, patient and always supportive for the learner


-  A no-nonsense working method


- You only take your driving test once our professional teachers are certain you are ready


- Guaranteed 120 minute lessons. We don't try to cut off a couple minutes. With the very affordable price of €98,- for a 2 hours lessons we try to help you as much as possible


Manual driving


With a manual driver's license you can drive every car you want.



Do you know if your license is issued in the Netherlands?

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