Step-by-Step driving course


If you choose to take driving lessons with the Expat Driving School you have guarantee on an acknowledged Step-by-Step driving course called 'Rijopleiding in Stappen' (RIS). There is a Dutch describstion here, but we explain to you what it says in English.


Clarity and keeping the overview

With the step-by-step driving course you know exactly where you are in you're driving course. This is a method to train you step by step how to drive, this helpes you being prepared for the participation in traffic. You will receive a course book to keep up with your driving lessons. If you do some homework before your lessons it can even make the course faster, because there is less to explain when you're in the car with your instructor.


During your driving course you will start with the next stage of the course when you've mastered the previous one sufficiently. When you are capable of doing some independent driving and react properly to changing cicumstances. 


You will have 74 different instructions, spread in 4 modules. After completing a module your own driving instructor test your knowledge and skills. You also will have an official 'in between' test at the CBR (Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing) after completing the third module of your step-by-step driving course. This test is called TTT or Tussentijdse Toets. This way you can get used to the test conditions that you're going to experience at final CBR test. The examiner  will advice you what things you have to aware for at your final test and how you can improve your skills. At this TTT you can earn exepmtion from doing the special manoeuvres part during your final driving test at the CBR.


‚ÄčThe advantages of Step-by-Step driving course

  1. A very high pass rate,
  2. High quality driving lessons,
  3. Best prepared for participation in traffic,
  4. Good insight into your progress.

Step-by-Step driving course


Always stick to the plan. That's how we guarantee you quality.

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